WIS High School is an intimate community of learning featuring exceptional academic and extra-curricular programs. Students develop a global perspective and recognize the need for personal growth and fulfillment of their scholastic potential for higher studies in college.
At WIS High School advanced technology is integral to the teaching and the learning process. Every student and faculty member has hyperlearning access to each other, and to the world of information.

Students engaged in interactive learning, work directly with on-going research projects, internships, off-campus study, and community extension programs. They connect the traditions of the liberal arts to the high tech world of tomorrow in order to enrich and encounter an intensively rewarding academic experience.
Progressive cross-cultural, languages, commercial, technological, and developmental education, challenges all students and faculty to push their boundaries in order to launch new, exciting, interests, and unique insights. High School Subjects:

• Second Language Urdu (O Level)
• Pakistan Studies (O Level)
• Islamiyat (O Level)
• Mathematics (O Level)
• Additional Mathematics (O Level)
• Biology (O Level)
• Chemistry (O Level)
• Physics (O Level)
• Business Studies (O Level)
• Economics (O Level)
• Principles of Accounts / Accounting (O Level)
• English Language (O Level)
• Literature in English (O Level)
• Computer Science (O Level)
• Sociology (O Level)
• History (O Level)
• Art and Design (O Level)
• Global Perspectives (O Level)

The prescribed syllabi for the "O" Level are taught as per requirements of the University of Cambridge, UK.