WIS Elementary is helping shape the life of children in the following four progressive learning stages of primary education:

Grade-1: (age 6 years):
Learning at this stage is developed through the introduction of subject and skill related disciplines. During this brief tenure, students learn to comprehensively master the basics of reading, writing, drawing, computing and communicating effectively.

Grade-2: (age 7 years):
A holistic view of knowledge, intercultural awareness and communication form the curricular model for this grade-level. Here we start by giving the student more academic and extra-curricular responsibility. Students explore formal participation in research and community extension programs.

Grade-3 (age 8 years):
This is the phase of education where students are encouraged to complement their school work with ample research and project building opportunities in order to enhance their higher order thinking and application skills. They develop self-esteem, learn to make wise choices, and relate well to others.

Grade-4 (age 9 years):
WIS Elementary is working diligently to perfectly shape the life of every Grade-1 through Grade-4 student. Small classes foster fruitful student relationships and close student-faculty interaction.

Programs of study at all levels are personalized and designed to illuminate the individual's natural and engineered skills/capabilities portfolio. At WIS Elementary, students are trained and instructed to develop communication, governance, leadership, cooperative social responsibilities with the help of the latest technology.