The first two years are spent in the creation of the child’s “sense of self”. This is a crucial part of the child ability to determine and embed the patterns of future behavior in relation to environment and others. Early care must emphasis links to family, home culture and home language for uniquely caring for each child. The key is a well-integrated learning environment at WIS which builds and nurtures the child’s optimal development. Our Kindergarten program (ages 1.5 - 5 yrs.) is focused on developing communications, social, personal, and aesthetic skills, through activity-based, thematic teaching methods. Teachers and their associates motivate and facilitate progressive exploration and discovery through hands-on experience. Kindergarten application helps the child to establish conceptual learning in concrete form. Early learning focuses on the child’s learning through play.  



WIS Elementary is helping shape the life of children in the following five progressive learning stages of primary education: Grade-1: (age 6 years): Learning at this stage is developed through the introduction of subject and skill related disciplines. During this brief tenure, students learn to comprehensively master the basics of reading, writing, drawing, computing and communicating effectively. Grade-2: (age 7 years): A holistic view of knowledge, intercultural awareness and communication form the curricular model for this grade-level. Here we start by giving the student more academic and extra-curricular responsibility. Students explore formal participation in research and community extension programs.



The school engages students (age: 11 through 13 years old) in a rigorous academic core curriculum in order to prepare successful candidates for higher education and community service. The engagement in active learning and support Development of study skills and time management provide outstanding preparation for High School. Additional opportunities and learning activities are created through mentorship, differentiated instructional strategies, state-of-the-art technical concentrations, and scholarships. Junior-High students are taught the following Subjects:

• English Language Arts, English Literature
• General & Practical Science
• Mathematics
• Algebra



WIS High School is an intimate community of learning featuring exceptional academic and extra-curricular programs. Students develop a global perspective and recognize the need for personal growth and fulfillment of their scholastic potential for higher studies in college. At WIS High School advanced technology is integral to the teaching and the learning process. Every student and faculty member has hyperlearning access to each other, and to the world of information. Students engaged in interactive learning, work directly with on-going research projects, internships, off-campus study, and community extension programs. They connect the traditions of the liberal arts to the high tech world of tomorrow in order to enrich and encounter an intensively rewarding academic experience.