The first two years are spent in the creation of the child’s “sense of self”. This is a crucial part

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WIS Elementary is helping shape the life of children in the following four progressive learning stages of

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The school engages students (age: 10 through 13 years old) in a rigorous academic core            

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WIS High School is an intimate community of learning featuring exceptional academic and extra

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About WIS

The Washington International School (WIS) believes that every child is a unique learner with a unique set of natural capabilities, interests, and potentials. WIS cares for every child, and strives diligently to empower him/her towards a bright and successful future. We believe that technology integrated into scholastic applications from the perspective of the learner and end-user rather than the technologist, is key to the successful education and training necessary for the workplace of the future. We envisage a new global emancipation, standard of academics, and synergistic disciplines; designed, developed, and distributed through communications and information technologies at Washington International School.


Washington International School (WIS) expects to secure unprecedented scholarly success, sound moral values, love for life- long learning and facilitating the sharing of knowledge experiences and ideas between individual learners, researchers, faculty, institutions, and syndicates. Through excellent practices and systematic integrated technological assistance, WIS is committed to the scholastic and technological emancipation of learners in Pakistan. WIS exists to shape lives by promoting the value of learning through excellence in academics, essential skills, research and community extension work.


Washington International School (WIS) is committed to helping students attain intellectual, moral, aesthetic, and physical excellence by teaching skills, knowledge and positive attitudes that contribute to the creation of mature, able, and responsible leaders.

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